Marcelle Tehila Bitton is a video, performance and installation artist.

Marcelle was born in Montreal, Canada, as the oldest daughter to an orthodox Rabbi.  She graduated Beit Yaacov Seminary for Girls, studying Cinema and Script Writing. Since 2010 She was producing up to 250 media based events for cultural and educational institutes, and a full-length movie "Now the Heart is one Piece" for girls, as part of the female-Haredi cinema wave.

In 2014, she was graduated Levinsky College Tel Aviv- Bachelor in English & Education and moved to the Fine Arts department at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Jerusalem.

In 2017 she graduated the 3rd year with honors, and on the same year she was also coordinating “Studio 8” Program for Female Artists in Alliance House, Jerusalem.

In addition, she wrote study units of Art Education for elementary & junior high schools on behalf of The Israeli Ministry of Education, The Pais Foundation, initiated by Oman Art Center for Visual Arts.

In 2017, her video work “The Rabbi’s Daughter” as well as her performance work “Black on Black” were presented at Jerusalem Biannale 2017. On the Same year she had her first solo exhibition “Twenty Four” in the center of Jerusalem, by Calcalit Jerusalem.

On May 2018 she was taking part in “Tehoma Raba” (The Great Abyss) Exhibition, on Museum On The Seam for Contemporary Social Art in Jeruslaem and was performing “In Thy Blood Live".

On June 2018,  she displayed the “Bride Joy:nThe Kit", a large installation work on Jerusalem Design Week 2018 and was performing “KalehMeydel” on Jerusalem Theater


Her works were also featured at LUZ Art- Los Angeles, Leichtag- San Diego, The Laurie M. Tisch Gallery - JCC Manhattan, Edemonde de Rotchild Tel Aviv and at International YMCA Jerusalem.

On June 2019 she graduated Bezalel Academy of Art and Design with honors, and her final project- the film "Edri at Mea She'arim" received the department Excellence Award and 
the America-Israel Cultural Foundation grant of Excellence. On September 2020 the film was featured at TISFF- The International Students Film Festival Tel Aviv.

​​Currently, Marcelle is sharing a studio with the artist Aniam Deri and working on “Waiting Room”- an exhibition planned for 2020. This project has received a grant from Mifal HaPais Council for Culture and Arts  for solo exhibition.

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