Artist Statement

​I remember a house in the fog; time which is formed in its own shapes

Trakovsky Andrei, Sculpturing Time

​I dismember pomegranates. I pulling out twenty four fish. I dip my body in ink. 

My body is the originator and around it things are moving.
I wish to bring together the ordinary-diunral among with the texts and actions from the high canon. 
I deal with a practical performative act which includes hybridity in it. The act is often scorched by charging the material in matters in which related to the psychic-personal and to the Jewish- cultural.

The mythical world and the religious world produce contradictions and agreements I wish to set, involving the relationship of father-daughter, mother-wife, bird-fish, lamentation (Kina) -nests (Kinim), physical-spiritual.

As Anna Mandiata, a Cuban-American artist, created a place for the mortal in the open space (Earth Body Work series, 1970), I try to create a performative presence through repetitive, dramatic rituals and ceremonies, ranging from tenderness and vulnerability to potential violence.

I am currently engaged in environments related to ancient burial structures in Israel, the round dome and the ceremonies held in these places. They take a significant part in the aesthetics of the space and the energy it carries within it.​

Marcelle T. Bitton

February 2019

© 2020 Marcelle Tehila Bitton