BOLA_Installation Detail_80x80x15cm_2019_Photography-Daniel_Rachamim.jpg

BOLA, installation, 52 glass cups, oil, fish and Aarak on marble, 2019.


The work is dynamic (3 modes) the fish turns into stones and plants. 

BOLA is a chandelier in Moroccan Arabic and is related as a title of honor to Rabbi Yitzchak Abuhatzira - the author of eight important books of the Kabbalistic canon, rabbi and poet. The arak bottle was an integral part of his ceremonies as an object of specific miraculous value, and as such - it is still perceived in the Abuhatsira family tradition as a miracle operator.

The work relates to the family tea-drinking ritual alongside the candle lighting ceremonies, the tomb marble and the kitchen marble, the female role of arranging it, and the preservation process of the objects and their transition.