Three circular spaces exist in the visions of the prophets or, to differentiate, in splendor temples in multiple cultures. They exist in any place that is perceived as sacred, in the rituals of worship in it and also during the actual worship. These spaces mark the liturgical route that the pilgrim goes through in the compound, from the outside to the inside. The first is the revelation place, as it is called in rabbinic literature "holy of holies". The second is the priests - the organizers of the ceremony, called "holy". And the third is “the temple court” - the space where the pilgrims gather.

This work consists of converting the sacred space to digital, and duplicating it from different angles, referring to the different circuits. Using three-dimensional mapping and scanning of the dome space of Jonathan Ben Uzziel and zoom-in onto the glitches which were found during the assembly of the mapping frame to frame- in the tomb dome and the movement of the figures.

The work brings up questions at the intersection between the spiritual space and that of art: what is the place of matter and space in the spiritual experience and how can value be quantified.

Floating, video and digital frames, 2:25 min