2 Arak bottles

Installation on PVC carpet at the exhibition EDRI AT MEA SHEARIM

Bezalel Academy of Art and Design


Keeping Edri at Mea She’arim alongside Bitton's previous work BOLA- the performance is refering to the miraculous Arak bottle of the Abuchazira ceremonies. 

MACHYA is the name of ARAK in Judeo-Moroccan Arabic. Machya means "life maker'- מְחַיֶּה 

In Yiddish, there is a similar phrase while drinking LECHA'IM (means For Life)- saying: A MECHAYE- "it's a life maker".

Instructors Eli Petel, Tamara Messel

Curators: Piter Maltz, Irena Gordon


Hair: Liad Mayra 
Make up: Givenchy
Artist Advisor: Lital Marcus Morin 

Photography Video & Sound: Erik Preis  


© 2020 Marcelle Tehila Bitton