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MASION, Installation, 33 handmade glass containers, Arak, on wood structure, 2021. 


On the table are glass flasks, drop-shaped tears, or maybe memory lamps, made by a unique glassblowing technique, filled with a fragranced Arak mixed with spice colors and blended with rosemary's scent bundles, hanging over.

The visual principles of Christian Dior House merge with the memorial ceremonies and celebrations in the installation, as a kind of representative guest-conversion room, in which its heart is the table of Shabbat and holiday, at the same time - a powder room, with a stylish counter on display.

The sculptural model is hand-reproduced from Dior's stylish desk counter displayed in Paris, Jerusalem, and Dubai.  The bottles of the series “Privée” are showcased on it-  boutique perfumes from Dior's flowers collection grow in his estate at La Colle Noire. The colors range of the Arak is made out of fermented fruits and spices - and parallels the Privée series color range, in five categories: fruity, oriental, sensual, powdery, and floral.
The installation blends the elegant world of Dior with the traditional north-African set, historical political layers, and female attributes.  

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